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Saibamen's Revenge is a 1-star difficulty Parallel Quest. It has a time limit of 15 minutes.


Countless Saibamen are appearing from nowhere and causing havoc! Defend Earth from the Saibamen!

Win Conditions[]

  • Defeat all enemies
  • Clear in under 5 minutes
  • Defeat Nappa

Lose Conditions[]

  • All team HP depleted
  • Time expires

Basic Reward[]

  • 330 Zeni
  • Small Mix Capsule
  • Kieeee!!
  • I'll show you the results of my training!!
  • I'll finish up here
  • Fine. I'll go first
  • Battle Suit (Nappa)
  • Giant Storm (Skill)



Lv. 02 Kaiwareman (x3) - Start

  • Poison

Lv. 04 Jinkouman - Enters Mountains after Pod Landing and Wasteland are completed

  • Acid
  • Poison
  • Full Power Energy Blast Volley


Pod Landing[]

Lv. 03 Copyman (x3) - Start

  • Poison
  • Saibabeam

Lv. 04 Tennenman - Enters Pod Landing after defeat of Copyman (x3)

  • Acid
  • Poison
  • Self-Destruct


Lv. 02 Kyukonman (x3) - Start

  • Saibabeam

Lv. 03 Saibaman (x3) - Enters Wasteland after defeat of Kukonman (x3)

  • Acid
  • Saibabeam
  • Self-Destruct


Piccolo: (battling a Saibaman) I don't have time to deal with you. Hurry up and die!!

Nappa: Even if you're a Namek, by yourself you might as well be a fly.

Piccolo: You'll see soon enough that I'm not a fly!