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Majin Chaos is a 5-star difficulty Parallel Quest. It has a 15 minute time limit.


Majin Buu there. Majin Buu here...Majin Buu everywhere?! Gah! Just clean up the entire town!

Win Conditions[]

  • Defeat 30 Majin Buu (Small)
  • Clear in 10 min
  • Defeat Majin Buu

Lose Conditions[]

  • All team HP depleted
  • Time expires

Basic Reward[]


Lv. 35 Majin Buu (Small)

  • Explosive Buu Buu Punch
  • Innocence Bullet

Lv. 37 Majin Buu - has a chance to appear if the player kills all 30 Small Majin Buus within 10 minutes; otherwise, will not always trigger

  • Zigzag Express
  • Innocence Bullet
  • Angry Hit
  • Innocence Breath
  • Cookie Beam
  • Candy Beam

Additional Information[]

Videl will show in the West City (Suburbs) as an NPC randomly. She will give you the Great Saiyaman Helmet if she appears.


This is One of Three missions with "Majin" in the Title, the others being 34 - Majin Revival and 36 - Majin Banquet This parallel quest is the only time Majin Buu is equipped with his Candy Beam, Cookie Beam and Innocence Breath; he is equipped with the Innocence Breath completely from Majin Banquet, and Candy Beam is replaced with Buu Buu Ball.