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Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest is a 7-star Parallel Quest. It has a 15 minute time limit.


Videl, Goten, and Trunks are searching for the Dragon Balls when they come across the legendary Super Saiyan!

Win Conditions[]

  • Recover 3 Dragon Balls
  • Defeat Broly with Gohan surviving
  • Get 7 Dragon Balls

Lose Conditions[]

  • All team HP depleted
  • Time expires

Basic Reward[]

  • Ƶ 38000
  • High Mix Capsule
  • Ultimate Mix Capsule
  • I'll take you down!
  • Pointless... Here, I'll end it all
  • Videl's Clothes
  • Broly's Clothes
  • Kamekameha
  • Final Cannon



  • Broly - Enters as soon as a player picks up a Dragon Ball in the area
  • Broly - Revived if WARNING occurs



  • Videl - Appears after Broly
  • Goten - Appears if Videl is defeated
  • Trunks (Kid) - Appears if Videl is defeated
  • Gohan (Adult) - Appears if Goten and Trunks are defeated