Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


  • Health: 33
  • Ki: 15
  • Stamina: 18
  • Basic Attack: 78
  • Strike Super: 0
  • Ki Super: 93


  • Body: Student Skirt
  • Legs: Student Skirt
  • Hands: Student Skirt
  • Feet: Student Skirt
  • Accessory: Ninja Katana
  • Z-Soul: I'm neither Kami nor Piccolo now...

Skill Set:[]

  • Super 1: flash strike (Skill)
  • Super 2: death beam (Skill)
  • Super 3: masenko (Skill)
  • Super 4: maximum charge (Skill)
  • awoken: kaioken (Skill)
  • Ultimate 1: emporers death beam (Skill)
  • Ultimate 2: super spirit bomb (Skill)
  • Evasion Skill: fake blast (Skill)


Not a complete build yet, but it gets people really confused right now. When they try and fight in melee with you they get hurt, when they try and get out of your melee range just fire a Super Vanishing Ball at them and it hurts them even more. You chain your basic combos for as long as you can and try to finish the combo with Super Electric Strike. Works quite well in PvE and PvP. You can swap out any Super Attack for a Drain skill to keep others from regenerating with the Kami/Piccolo Soul in PvP. easy for getting z rank on all advancment tests