• Hulk10

    Xenoverse Controls

    April 24, 2018 by Hulk10

    Can you unlock the use of the ki blast button for ultimate attacks? For the Xbox One that's the B button. I want to know since the B button doesn't do anything for me when I want to use ultimate attacks.

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  • Hulk10

    Xenoverse 2 Saiyan tails

    April 24, 2018 by Hulk10

    Can we add the Saiyan tails at the beginning of the game?

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  • Hulk10

    Xenoverse 2 Hairstyles

    April 24, 2018 by Hulk10

    Does Xenoverse 2 have the same hairstyle options as Xenoverse?

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  • Tonipelimies

    Hello, everyone. Here is my own created characters based off characters from other series in Xenoverse 2. I don't want to include pictures of them because many would criticize with them.

    • Species: Earthling
    • Gender: Male

    • Height: 3/4
    • Body Type: 1/3
    • Head/Hair: Type 1
    • Eyes: Type 1
    • Pupils: Type 5
    • Nose: Type 13
    • Mouth/Jaw: Type 3
    • Ears: Type 1

    • Skin Tone: (16:5)
    • Hair Color: (5:5)
    • Eye Color: (10:3)

    • Voice: Voice 9
    • Name: Naruto

    • Upper Body: Time Patrol Logo Suit (1:1, 3:3, 1:1)
    • Lower Body: Training Suit (Ginyu Force) (3:3, 1:1)
    • Hands: None
    • Feet: The Latest Fashion (1:1, 1:1, 7:3, 1:1)
    • Accessory: None
    • QQ Bang: QQ Bang Lv5 *5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
    • Super Soul: I've been saving this! Kaioken!

    • Super Attack 1: Afterimage (Substitution Jutsu)
    • Super Attack 2: Super Destructo-Disc (Rasen…

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  • GoldeTheGraySuperSaiyan

    There is more than one way to get SSJ in Xenoverse. The easiest way is beat cell in the android saga and go to the shop and buy it. The hardest is doing the parellel quest called "Legendary Super Saiyan". But Freiza likes to get hit by Super Kamehamehas.

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  • Anythingguy

    Hello everyone, I am George.

    This is my first blog post which aims towards a discussion on Xenoverse 2. I hope I am not misplacing this somewhere I shouldn't. I wish to give my opinion on the subject and see what the rest of the community thinks.

    So! Xenoverse 2 is just around the corner and I am sure everyone here is very excited. Bandai has listened to many of our plights and delivered (quickly I may add) the second chapter to our Time Travel extevegaza. I am very excited for the new features in the hub world, the promised greater ease of social interaction, the improved fighting mechanics and all that good stuff. Many fans are also excited for the addition of fan favourite characters even though I am still hoping for some of mine. But the…

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  • Heraeus


    June 23, 2016 by Heraeus


    Super Android ~

    Race/Sex Earthling/Male
    Height 3
    Build 2
    Z-Soul "Ill use all my strength to kill you."

    Max Health 012
    Max Ki 000
    Max Stamina 025
    Basic Attacks 040
    Strike Supers 075
    Ki Blast Supers 100

    Super Skills Ultimate Skills
    Drain Field Perfect Kamehameha
    Super Drain Spirit Sword
    Super Dragon Fist ---
    Gravity Impact Mach Dash
    Notes: Ahh, the only viable race/sex to main two types of supers. Take full advantage of the fact that you can use both types, do one ultimate of each type and divvy up the super section however you want. You'll be auto-charging Ki pretty fast with this build thanks to the Z-Soul, so no need for Maximum charge, and once you hit max ki, you'll be dealing really good damage with basic attacks. There are a few outfits that work …

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  • Heraeus

    Majin Male

    June 15, 2016 by Heraeus

    Namekian Build


    1. Equipment:
    2. Skill Set:
    3. Description:

    • Health: 100
    • Ki: 50
    • Stamina: 25
    • Basic Attack: 00
    • Strike Super: 00
    • Ki Super: 70

    • Body : Light Heart Suit
    • Legs : Light Heart Suit
    • Hands :Light Heart Suit
    • Feet : Light Heart Suit
    • Accessory : 
    • Z-Soul: S-stoooooop!!!!

    • Super 1: Maximum Charge (Skill)
    • Super 2: Quick Sleep (Skill)
    • Super 3: Fighting Pose E (Skill)
    • Super 4: Meteor Crash (Skill)
    • Ultimate 1: Perfect Kamehameha (Skill)
    • Ultimate 2: Energy Zone (Skill)
    • Evasion Skill: Candy Beam (Skill)

    Without a significant investment, a Ki Blast focused Male Majin will never be able to properly utilize their Basic Attack stat. With the Z-Soul "S-Stoooooop!!!!", you make your fists more than just puffy boxing gloves, they turn into semi-functional tasers!

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  • Heraeus


    June 13, 2016 by Heraeus

    Namekian Build

    • Health: 00
    • Ki: 25
    • Stamina: 100
    • Basic Attack: 40
    • Strike Super: 87
    • Ki Super: 00

    • Body : Shingi Demon Battle Suit
    • Legs : Shingi Demon Battle Suit
    • Hands : Shingi Demon Battle Suit
    • Feet : Shingi Demon Battle Suit
    • Accessory : Shingi Demon Battle Suit
    • Z-Soul: You'll never beat an android

    • Super 1: X20 Kaioken (Skill)
    • Super 2: Fighting Pose F (Skill)
    • Super 3: Fighting Pose J (Skill)
    • Super 4: Super Drain (Skill)
    • Ultimate 1: Blue Hurricane (Skill)
    • Ultimate 2: Energy Zone (Skill)
    • Evasion Skill: Final Pose (Skill)

    Namekians have a faster stamina regeneration than other races, making them a prime candidate for Kaioken x20. Combine the Z-Soul here with their racial bonus, along with Pose J and you'll be ready to launch Kaioken x20 over and over again. No healt…

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  • Heraeus


    June 13, 2016 by Heraeus

    Each pose lasts a certain amount of time, and everything here is considered a "Reinforcement Skill".

    • Fighting Pose A: Auto-Guard
    • Fighting Pose B: Strike Supers +10%, Ki Blast Supers -30%
    • Fighting Pose C: Heal any abnormal status.
    • Fighting Pose D: +20% to Dash speed.
    • Fighting Pose E: Basic Attacks (normal + ki) +10%
    • Fighting Pose F: Stamina is damaged instead of health.
    • Fighting Pose G: Ki Blast Supers +10%, Strike Supers -30%
    • Fighting Pose H: 20% damage reduction
    • Fighting Pose I: +20% to Ground, Air and Step Dash speed/distance.
    • Fighting Pose J: Stamina recovery rate increased.
    • Fighting Pose K: +20% damage taken, No Stagger.
    • Justice Pose: +15% all attacks, 20% damage reduction, +15% to Ground/Air/Step Dash/Dash Speed.
    • Final Pose: Basic Attacks (normal …
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  • Heraeus


    June 13, 2016 by Heraeus


    There are only seven transformation skills in Xenoverse available to our custom characters, those being the varieties of Super Saiyan & Kaioken. Regardless, here is what each of them do.

    Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 2 Super Vegeta Super Vegeta 2
    +2% to all Melee +5% to all Melee +3% to all Ki Blasts +5% to all Ki Blasts
    +1% to all Ki Blasts +2% to all Ki Blasts +1% to all Melee +2% to all Melee
    +10% Damage Reduction +10% Damage Reduction +10% Ki Damage Reduction +10% Ki Damage Reduction
    +10% Overall Speed +15% Overall Speed +10% Overall Speed +15% Overall Speed
    - 0.15 kbps. - 0.18 kbps. - 0.15 kbps. - 0.18 bars kbps.

    Kaioken Kaioken x3 Kaioken x20
    +10% to all attacks +15% to all attacks +15% to all attacks
    +15% to Grou…

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  • Heraeus

    PQ 1 

    Afterimage: Completed Goku's first training mission as your master
    Solar Flare: Defeat Tien
    Energy Shot: Defeat krillin

    PQ 2 Turn Retreat: Ultimate finish require defeat Goku
    Evil Ray Strike: Defeat Gohan
    Evil Rise Strike: Defeat Gohan

    PQ 3 Double Sunday: Ultimate finish required. 
    Unrelenting Barrage: Ultimate finish require. defeat Gohan 
    Kamehameha: Defeat Goku

    PQ 4 Giant Storm: Defeat Nappa

    PQ 5 Break Strike: Defeat Raditz
    Explosive Wave: Ultimate finish required defeat Vegeta
    vacation Delete: Ultimate finish required defeat Raditz
    Arm Crash: Defeat Nappa

    PQ 6 Kaioken: Defeat Goku
    X3 Kaioken: Ultimate finish required. wait till Goku goes X3 Kaioken
    Wall of Defense: Defeat Piccolo

    PQ 7 Weekend: Defeat Raditz
    Break Cannon: Defeat Nappa
    Meteor Blow: Defeat V…

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  • Heraeus

    Broly Build

    June 13, 2016 by Heraeus

    • Health: 52
    • Ki: 50
    • Stamina: 40
    • Basic Attack: 28
    • Strike Super: 8
    • Ki Super: 82

    • Body: Broly's Clothes
    • Legs: Broly's Clothes
    • Hands: Broly's Clothes
    • Feet: Broly's Clothes
    • Accessory:  ----------
    • Z-Soul: Kakarot!!! / Who you'll be the first victim / My power is buildin... / Overflowing Pointless I'll end it all here

    • Super 1: Gigantic Omega (Skill)
    • Super 2: Blaster Shell (Skill)
    • Super 3: Maximum Charge (Skill)
    • Super 4: Super Guard (Skill)
    • Ultimate 1: Super Saiyan  (Skill)
    • Ultimate 2: Gigantic Meteor (Skill)
    • Evasion Skill: Blaster Meteor (Skill)
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  • Aichi Is My Senpai Dot Net

    To start off with my movesets I'll use my main character: Korrin. This character is Ki and basic melee attack based. I don't know the specific stats off of the top of my head but I can remember my moveset:


    Vanishing Ball

    Big Bang Attack

    Riot Javelin


    Super Vegeta 2

    Perfect Kamehameha


    Angry Shout

    Z-Soul: You're extremely annoying!

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  • QB53


    October 29, 2015 by QB53

    How do u get super vegeta

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  • Wild Maxwell


    July 6, 2015 by Wild Maxwell

    I'm just wondering, whats the difference between Steam and Codex version ? I just know that Codex version doesnt connect to the server... Any help ?

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