Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki

No damage is inflicted, but you can reduce your opponent's Ki with this move! Note that it has no effect if used with their back turned.

  • Usable by: All races
  • Ki Used: 100
  • Obtained from: Parallel Quest 45 in Xenoverse 1
  • Obtained from: Parallel Quest 94 in Xenoverse 2

Ki Drain[]

The amount of Ki reduced by this move gets boosted by the Strike stat. The Ki drain can vary from 1 to 10 bars of Ki depending on stats and charge. A Super Saiyan is immune to the Ki drain effect. The drain effect is boosted by the stat increase of transformations.

Example: A 100 Strike Earthling Male with the full 'Time Patroller Suit' and the 'Might as Well' Z-Soul will drain 10 bars of Ki without charging the ability.