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DB XV's Example Build[]


  • Health: 40
  • Ki: 40
  • Stamina: 40
  • Basic Attack: 40
  • Strike Super: 40
  • Ki Super: 37


  • Body: Uniform
  • Legs: Uniform
  • Hands: Uniform
  • Feet: Uniform
  • Accessory: Angel Halo
  • Z-Soul: I'm an Android.

Skill Set:[]


This is only an example build. Use the description area to provide a general idea on your build concept, strategy, or any other pertinent information.

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DBXV2 Builds[]

My Example Build:

Striker Saiyan


  • Health: 60
  • Ki:100
  • Stamina:20
  • Basic Attack:90
  • Strike Supers: 0
  • Ki Blast Supers: 90


  • Body: Gogeta's clothes
  • Legs: Gogeta's clothes
  • Hands: Gogeta's clothes
  • Feet: Gogeta's clothes
  • Accessory: whatever you want
  • Super Soul: Now it's my turn.


QQ Bang:


QQ Bang Stats (hp/ki/stm/atk/str/bla)

Skill Set:

Super 1: Super Mad Dance

Super 2: Rakhasha's Claw

Super 3: Burst Rush

Super 4: Sledgehammer

Ultimate 1: Dragon Fist

Ultimate 2: Impulse Slash/Timeskip Molotov/Darkness Rush/Justice Combo

Transformation: Future Super Saiyan

Evasive: Hyper Movement


Example, don't edit

Player Builds

(Current Level Cap: 80, 332 stat points)

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  • The Big Green

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