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Elder Kai (Friend/Buddy)[]

Elder Kai is a mentor who appears in Toki-Toki City to owners of the Resurrection of F DLC pack. He has a low chance of appearing to players.


<Level 80 Required>

He will ask you to bring him 2 "foxy ladies" and will not accept you until you do.

  • This is achieved by forming a party by "Team Registration" and recruiting 2 females of any race then talking to Elder Kai once more.

(Easier done in Single Lobby than Multi Lobby)

First Training[]

Elder Kai will test your skills by talking you into attacking other Time Patrollers in a secluded area (Wasteland map). You will have 5 minutes to defeat all of them.

Each Time Patroller will be ~10 levels lower than your current level. (If you are level 90-92, your opponents will be around level 82). Upon completion, you will receive a variable capsule.

Second Training[]

Elder Kai will again goad you into attacking other Time Patrollers to prove you are the strongest among your peers. You will be teleported to West City (Suburban District) where Time Patrollers will assault you 1 by 1.

Once all the Time Patrollers are defeated, Elder Kai will task you with fighting yourself for this mission. You will have 5 minutes to defeat "yourself" in Supreme Kai's World whilst Elder Kai speaks random gibberish about S. Kai of Time and your performance if you play around with the AI. "You" will have access to the preset you wear during the mission (though will perform the basic computer actions of jump back and forth and spamming ki balls rather than use any actual moves).

Upon first defeat, "you" will revive with a dark aura reminiscent of Towa and Mira's interference and will have a 2nd round. Completion will reward you yet another capsule.

Final Training[]

Elder Kai will tell you that you have grown stronger and will offer you the ritual to unlock your potential. If you are below level 93, he will tell you that you must be level 93 before he can begin the ritual. If you are level 93 or higher, you will be taken to a cutscene consisting of 3 random Time Patrollers and Elder Kai. He will begin dancing in a circle ending with you and him sitting facing each other and he will tell you to sit and wait for 1 minute. If you move before 1 minute, he will say you are impatient and will have to do the "20 hour" process all over again.

Once finished, you will gain about 2 million exp (or 2 levels) and will receive Unlock Potential as a new Ultimate.