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Frieza was an intergalactic tyrant who was later defeated by Goku. This character can be unlocked by completing the Frieza Saga


As a Mentor in Xenoverse 1, Frieza teaches you 4 Skills

  1. Death Beam (Ki)
  2. Death Crasher (Strike)
  3. Emperor's Sign (Reinforcement)
  4. Supernova (Ki)


Like all mentors, Frieza has race specific dialogue

  • Human: "Earthlings... Oh, that trash. You're an earthling, too... You're different. Among the other trash, I picked you and am personally training you."
  • Saiyan: "I lost because I underestimated the Saiyans. Hehehe... I will not repeat the same mistake. I will train you as my strongest underling and have you fight with me."
  • Namekian: "Someday, I will wish for eternal life and youth again with the Dragon Balls. You will fight as my right-hand person then. You may have to fight your own people though."
  • Frieza Race: "Looking at you reassures me. You're one of the few survivors of my people. Hehehe... Yes... We shall rebuild our clan."
  • Majin: "Your race has amazing power... All that power without transforming... It's quite attractive to me. Please use your power for my sake."