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Gohan (Kid) is the young version of Gohan.

Playable character[]

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse he can be one of the playable characters and has 4 presets which differs his appearance, stats and skills.


1st preset:[]

Unlock condition Stats Skills Appearance
Gohan (Kid) 1st preset


- (at star of the fight) I can fight too...! I need to do this...! Let's go!

- (at star of the fight) H-Here I come!

- (at star of the fight - when fighting with Frieza clan race) You're with Frieza? I-I bet you're planning to do something bad!

- (when looses 25% hp) Urrrrrrh...! That was close...!

- (when looses 50% hp) S-So strong... But... I won't loose!

- (when looses 50% hp) Th-This is nothing!

- (when looses 75% hp) Mr. Piccolo...! Dad...!

- (when looses 75% hp) I... I can still do this...! I can!

- (when dies) Mr. Piccolo... I... I just can't...

- (when dies) Dad... Daddy...! Help me! 

(when fighting with Yamcha)

Yamcha: Oh it's Goku's son. All right. Let's spar a little.

Gohan (Kid): Sure! That would be great!

(when fighting with Tien)

Tien: Gohan, your hidden power must be pretty incredible. How about you give me a sample of it?

Gohan (Kid): Yes! I'll try my best!

(when fighting with Krillin)

Gohan (Kid): Mr. Krillin! Let's fight!

Krillin: All right. Show me what you're made of.

(when fighting with Goku)

Goku: All right! I'll train you!

Gohan (Kid): P-please go easy on me, Dad...