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Goku's model (First Set) on Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Goku is an ally of the Future Warrior and the central protagonist of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. He is the husband of Chi Chi and the father of Gohan and Goten, as well as the grandfather of Pan.


Goku is a hard-to-find mentor in DRAGONBALL XENOVERSE. First, you will have to have completed the Demon God Demigra Saga. When you first encounter him, he will state that you need to be at least a level 70, in order for him to train you. Goku will not train you, however, until your avatar, Future Warrior, reaches level 80. As a Mentor Goku teaches you 4 Skills:

  1. Afterimage Strike (Skill)
  2. Spirit Bomb (Skill)
  3. X10 Kamehameha (Skill)
  4. Super Kamehameha (Skill)

Playable character[]

Goku can be one of the playable characters. He has 15 presets which differs in his appearance, skills and stats.

1st preset:[]

Unlock condition Stats Skills Appearance
Goku (Char)

2nd preset:[]

Unlock condition Stats Skills Appearance
  • The futon flew...and so can you!
Goku (preset 2)

4th preset:[]

Unlock condition Stats Skills Appearance
Goku (Char)


- (when loses hp) You're pretty good! That was one heck of a move!

- (when loses hp) You're pretty good! I'll show you what I've got!

- (when loses hp) Doesn't look like I should hold back here...

- (when loses hp) Ouch... I didn't think you'd be this strong.

- (when loses hp) This is really crazy. Even though I'm in a lot of trouble right now.. this is still a whole lot of fun for me!

- (when dies) Shoot... It looks like I didn't train enough...

- (when dies) Wow... You really are strong...

- (when wins) Train and become stronger! I'm goint to get stronger too!

(when fighting with Yamcha)

Yamcha: Hey, Goku. It's been a while since we last fought.

Goku: I got a full belly and tons of power. Just like the good old days, right Yamcha?

(when fighting with Krillin)

Goku: Hey, Krillin! Let's fight!

Krillin: Cool! I've been waiting to fight, too!

(when fighting witch Tien)

Tien: Goku... Hmph... This reminds me of the World Tournament.

Goku: Heh... Except this time I'm not a kid.

(when fighting witch Piccolo)

Piccolo: How many times have we fought? Goku, I'm willing to bet you're pretty excited right now.

Goku: Yeah! Let's do this, Piccolo!

(when fighting with Gohan (Kid))

Goku: All right! I'll train you!

Gohan (Kid): P-please go easy on me, Dad...

Quotes after a mission[]

  • Rank Z: "I...I don't believe it! You're seriously awesome!
  • Rank S: (laughs) "No complaints here, you're incredible!"
  • Rank A: "(laughs) You can do a lot better than that!"
  • Rank B: "Well done. Make sure to keep training."
  • Rank C: "Hey, not bad! You surprised me there."
  • Rank D:
  • Failure: "Wow. That's um...bad."

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