Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


Health: 70

Ki: 60

Stamina: 40

Basic Attack: 10

Strike Supers: 10

Ki Blast Supers: 100

Height: 4

Body Type: 3

Although this may look inaccurate, with the equipment, the stat chart is very identical to the actual chart.


Upper Body: Whis Symbol Battle Gi

Lower Body: Whis Symbol Battle Gi

Hands: Whis Symbol Battle Gi

Feet: Whis Symbol Battle Gi

Z-Soul: Whis, you're stepping on poo./Why You!!!/Quit Enjoying the Destruction!

Accessory: SSGSS Goku Wig


Super 1: Super God Shock Flash/Hawk Charge

Super 2: Burst Kamehameha/Kamehameha

Super 3: Instant Transmission

Super 4: Maximum Charge/Ki Blast Cannon (if you wanna go DBXV2)

Ultimate 1: Super Kamehameha

Ultimate 2: Warp Kamehameha/Super Saiyan

Evasive: Spirit Explosion


*Slightly updated based off of DBXV2 build*

You wanna play SSGSS Goku style but don't have DLC 3? Well now you can with this build! This is the closest you could go to replicate said character. If you don't have the DLC you can use the second option of skills. This build is built towards Melee/Strikes.