Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


  • Health: 110
  • Ki: 90
  • Stamina: 90
  • Basic Attack: 90
  • Strike Super: 0
  • Ki Super: 90


  • Body: Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (Go)
  • Legs: Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (Go)
  • Hands: Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (Go)
  • Feet: Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (Go)
  • Accessory: Goku's Wig
  • Z-Soul: Quit enjoying all the destruction!!!

Skill Set:[]


**Does the build got an update?
Well, for starters, Goku (Super Saiyan God) uses Turtle Hermit Gi(Go), as referenced in "DragonBall Super" and "DragonBall Z: Battle of the Gods". To give what looks to be the aura Goku uses in this form, to also increase attack, you may need X20 Kaioken (Skill). Goku also uses the Z-Soul: "Quit enjoying all the destruction!!!"