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Goku Black is the Zamasu from the main timeline (before Beerus erased Zamasu) that switched bodies with that of Goku. He travels to Future Trunks' timeline and forms an alliance with his alternate timeline counterpart. There they devise the Zero Mortals Plan, which revolves around Goku Black's great power and Future Zamasu's immortality. Their goal is to make universe free of what they believe the gods' greatest mistake were, mortals.

Xenoverse 2[]

Black's base form was originally a Pre Order Bonus but later changed as a purchasable add on. Equipped with two new moves, Aura Slide and Super Black Kamehameha.

His transformed state, Super Saiyan Rosé, will be a separate character in the upcoming third DLC pack.


  1. Meteor Blow
  2. Aura Slide
  3. Shockwave
  4. Full Power Charge

Evasive: Break Strike

Ultimate: Super Black Kamehameha