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Hercule is the current World Martial Arts Champion. He is credited with defeating Cell, and subjugating Majin Buu. He was married, but ended up in divorce with one daughter, Videl.


As a mentor, Hercule offers to teach you the very same moves and techniques used to save the earth from total destruction.

  1. Dynamite Kick (Strike)
  2. Present For You (Other)
  3. Rolling Hercule Punch (Strike)
  4. The Savior Has Come (Other)


  • Like most Mentors, Hercule has race specific dialogue.
Earthling: "Stronger than a dinosaur, harder than steel, faster than a bullet... That's me, Hercule! The strongest man in the world! If you're born on earth, then you should aim to be as strong as me."
Saiyan: "Do you know about the guys that can turn their hair yellow? Don't be friends with those swindlers. They use tricks and are an insult to martial arts."
Namekian: "You look pale. Are you okay? You get eat up and get some sleep! That's part of your training!"
Frieza Clan: "I've always thought this, but you seem... Different. What country are you from?"
Majin: "Hmph. I've fought against the Majin Buu before. You are nothing... Hm? Speaking of which, you kind of look like Buu... A-Are you... One of them?"