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Trunks wishes for a strong warrior to help him defend time.


The game begins with Trunks using the Dragon Balls to summon the game's protagonist, the Future Warrior. Shocked by this the Future Warrior looks around and sees Shenron briefly before being attacked by Trunks. After successfully defending himself, Trunks apologizes to the Future Warrior and explains the current situation. The future warrior then agrees on helping him in Trunks' quest


1. Prologue[]

  • Historic Fight

Goku and his allies have made history with the Dragon Balls. But that history was in grave danger. Someone was empowering the rivals that Goku faced in order to change that history. Trunks gathered the Dragon Balls and made a wish to Shenron. In order to defend the peace that Goku and his friends obtained, he wished for a warrior to fight with him... You.

2. Saiyan Saga[]

  • Trunks Test!
  • Invasion of Earth! Saiyan Warrior Raditz

3. Return of the Saiyans Saga[]

  • Infestation! Saibamen Scourge
  • Arrival of the Saiyan Warriors
  • Power X10! Vegeta Transforms
  • Prince's Pride! Limit Battle

4. Ginyu Force Saga[]

  • Those Weird Guys! Ginyu Force
  • Goku Clashes with Ginyu Force
  • Spaceship Sneak Mission as Ginyu
  • Take Back History and Your Body
  • Discovered! History Invaders

5. Frieza Saga[]

  • Emperor Frieza!
  • Finally! Raging Super Saiyan
  • Final Battle! My Full Power

6. Cell Saga[]

  • Do Not Let Hercule Die
  • Hercule's Fight! Out of the Way
  • Immortal Hercule at Cell Games
  • Rage Gohan! Villainous Cell Jr.
  • Warrior from the Future, Mira!
  • Don't Lose Gohan! Perfect Cell

7. Android Saga[]

  • The Cruel Androids of the Future
  • Cell is Here?! Save Trunks!

8. Majin Saga[]

  • Mira's Full Power! I'm The Best!
  • Buu Buu! Majin Buu
  • True Enemy! Hypnotized Piccolo
  • Ta-dah! Majin Buu is Here
  • Endure it! Majin Buu's Barrage
  • Attain the Future! Grand Battle

9. God of Destruction Beerus Saga[]

  • Powerful God of Destruction Beerus
  • Demigra's Plot?! Stop Beerus
  • Team with Beerus! End of Demigra!
  • Time for a Test! Beerus and Whis

10. Demon God Demigra Saga[]

  • Total Chaos! Rival Rumble
  • Siege on Tokitoki! Awakened Demigra
  • Defend History! Unknown Battle

11. Legendary Super Saiyan Saga[]

  • Last Moments...Goku's Father, Bardock
  • Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
  • Fierce Battle! Broly VS Bardock
  • Power of the Low-class Warrior

12. GT Saga (First Half) (DLC 1)[]

  • Wake Up, Other Trunks
  • Panic! Underworld and Earth Connected
  • Missing Captain? Neo Ginyu Force
  • 17 Fusion! Birth of Super 17

13. GT Saga (Second Half) (DLC 2)[]

  • Eis Shenron and Nuova Shenron
  • Omega Shenron VS Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
  • Enemies Gather! Ultimate Tag Team