Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki

This build is a work in progress.


  • Height: Tallest (More health, less speed)
  • Body Type: Largest (Weaker Ki Blasts, Stronger Strike/ Basic attack)


  • Health: 100
  • Ki: 0
  • Stamina: 100
  • Basic Attack: 0
  • Strike Super: 0
  • Ki Super: 63 (Where I'm at currently)


  • Body: Light Heart
  • Legs: Light Heart
  • Hands: Light Heart
  • Feet: Light Heart
  • Accessory: Doesn't matter
  • Z-Soul: I am neither Kami or Piccolo

Skill Set:[]

  • Super 1: Maximum Charge
  • Super 2: Whatever you like
  • Super 3: whatever you like
  • Super 4: Super Drain/Hyper Drain
  • Ultimate 1: Reverse Mabakusenko
  • Ultimate 2: forget the name but its a massive explosion that you can fuel with your ki bars to increase the damage until you run out of ki.
  • Ultimate 3: Unlock Potential (or whatever its called that transforms you into Kid Buu)
  • Evasion Skill: Super Explosive Wave


Makes you a PVE tank, and is great at irritating people in PVP. Not extremely viable in PVP because once people start stam breaking you, your going to die...

Because of the Z-Soul which gives you health regen when at max stamina, and the Majin Racial which increases your defense at max stamina, you can turn yourself into a massive albeit slow tank as long as you maintain your stamina levels. In PVE they do less stamina breaks than people will in PVP. Your going to want to tank the little hits and save your Z-Vanish for the bigger ones because you want to keep you stamina close to max to get the most use out of the z-soul and your racial. I've used this build to tank PQs for friends at a much higher rank than I would be able to do by myself. Definitely works best when you have friends, either npc or real life, to do the damage while you take the hits for them.