Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


  • Health: 50
  • Ki: 75
  • Stamina: 75
  • Basic Attack: 30
  • Strike Super: 35
  • Ki Super: 35


  • Body: Uub’s Clothes
  • Legs: Supreme Kai Clothes
  • Hands: GT Goku’s Gi
  • Feet: Supreme Kai Clothes
  • Accessory: None
  • Z-Soul: Let me show you my evolved self.

Skill Set:[]

  • Super 1: Justice Rush
  • Super 2: Big Bang Attack
  • Super 3: Infinity Explosion
  • Super 4: Maximum Charge
  • Ultimate 1: Justice Combination
  • Ultimate 2: Explosive Assault
  • Evasion Skill: Super Back Jump


Male Saiyans require more agressive attacks to compensate for their deficiency in Ki-based skills.

When selecting a non-evasive skill, each created character may correspond with a certain color, based on the original offense rankings of the first Xenoverse. This skill spectrum, from weakest to strongest fighter is as follows: Orange (Namekian), Red (Male Majin), Yellow (Female and Male Saiyan), Green (Female Majin), Purple (Frieza), Pink (Female Earthling), and Blue (Male Earthling).