Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


  • Health: 30
  • Ki: 60
  • Stamina: 32
  • Basic Attack: 30
  • Strike Super:0
  • Ki Super: 100


  • Body: Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Legs: Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Hands:Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Feet: Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Accessory: Sword
  • Z-Soul: Time to go Super Saiyan!

Skill Set:[]


Really pumps out the Ki.

You can go with a Female to boost Ki damage or Male to round out the melee. Vegito's Clothes could be put in for a ki bonus rather than health.

Z Soul gives auto block while transformed and ups defense a bit, other notables are:

  • This isn't a Game, You Know - to further pour out the Ki damage
  • Guess we should Fuse into Vegito - Take further advantage of transform to increase stats
  • My Power is 530,000 - with Frieza as Mentor to really up the power of Supernova

Supernova is a breather attack, due to it's sticking and wide AOE and decent to hit you can pause enemies for a moment to pull off a Maximum charge. Instant Transmission + Evil Whirlwind functions similarly, knocking the enemy away to give time to charge the kamehameha.

Addressing Suggestions Below:

Got a chance to play this again and decide to check out the suggested changes people posted.

Firstly, this build is based on my playstyle of trying to keep away from opponents and hammer them from range, yours may be different.

Giant Storm, OMG that is op, seems to have no range limit and is a near guaranteed hit, 4-5 seems to drop just about anyone, could be a build all it's own "Ki+ Giant Storm build; put points in ki and spam giant storm"

Super Vanishing Ball, Powerful but it doesn't do anything if the target is close up, you seem to completely miss if they are in melee range, Supernova doesn't have that problem. Not worth it.

Super Electric Strike, range and power are decent but it's got too small a vertical window for catching opponents for it to be any real use. So, again, not really worth it

Bwa Ha Ha Zsoul, I avoid fisticuffs as much as possible so the z soul is good for me, for when I'm unlucky enough to get into melee.