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Shenron, also known as the "God Dragon" or the "Eternal Dragon" is the magical dragon from the Dragon Ball Universe. Shenron will grant you any 1 wish if you gather all 7 dragon balls.


Shenron summoned in the Anime

Shenron Xenoveverse

Shenron Summoned in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

You can currently wish for 10 things from Shenron. (In Xenoverse anyway)

Although patient, Shenron often expresses how tired he becomes from either waiting for the player to grant their wish, or being summoned multiple times in a short timespan.

Wish Item Obtained
I want money! 500,000 zeni
I want a rare item! Power Pole Accessory
I want to dress up! One item from the Journey to the West Outfit Set
I want to get stronger! Items to Craft Z-Souls
I want to grow! Increase your character's level by one.
I want a new Ultimate Attack! Obtain the Blitz Hell Ultimate Attack/Shocking Death ball(1st time) or the Minus Energy Ball Ultimate Attack (2nd time).
I want a new Super Attack! Obtain the Flash Bomber, Drain Field, Lightning Ruin and Air Consumption Super Attacks (1st time) or the Castrol Lightning Dragon Bullets, God Speed Light Bullets, Whirlwind Spin, and the Sleepy Boy Box Super Attacks (2nd time).
I want more usable characters! Unlock Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta (1st time), Super Android 17 (2nd time) and Omega Shenron (3rd time) as playable characters.
I want a second chance at life! Reset your skill points so you can apply them to different categories.
I want to be drop dead gorgeous! Ability to change the look of your created character.