Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


  • Health: 50
  • Ki:70
  • Stamina: 40
  • Basic Attack: 72
  • Strike Supers: 100
  • Ki Blast Supers: 0


  • Body: Four Star Ball Costume
  • Legs: Four Star Ball Costume
  • Hands: Gogeta's clothes
  • Feet: Gogeta's clothes
  • Accessory: whatever you want
  • Super Soul: Now it's my turn.


QQ Bang:


QQ Bang Stats (hp/ki/stm/atk/str/bla)

Skill Set:

Super 1: Time Control

Super 2: Flash Fist Crush

Super 3: Instant Transmission

Super 4: Sledgehammer

Ultimate 1: Time Skip Molotov

Ultimate 2: Victory Rush

Transformation: Future Super Saiyan/Potential Unleashed

Evasive: Absolute Zero


The focus of this build is getting Time Skip/Molotov to land (which is quite difficult). I would assume that this works on other races/genders as well. As of the moment, I'm using this on Male Saiyan. There are a couple different ways to combo into Time Skip/Molotov using this build.

First way:

  1. Combo into a light stamina break
  2. Sledgehammer (Full charge)
  3. Instant Transmission as soon as they fall down to the ground
  4. Time Skip/Molotov

Second way:

  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Light Stamina break (optional)
  3. Time Skip/Molotov

Third way:

  1. Light combo
  2. Light stamina break
  3. Time Control (charge as much as possible for longer freeze)
  4. Time Skip/Molotov