Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


Health: 30

Ki: 20

Stamina: 50

Basic Attack: 100

Strike Supers: 50

Ki Blast Supers: 50


Body: Beerus' Clothes

Legs: Beerus' Clothes

Hands: Beerus' Clothes

Feet: Beerus' Clothes

Z-Soul: Bwa Ha Ha Got you!/Now...I'm FURIOUS! (Based off of your playing style)

Skill Set:

Super 1: Solar Flare/Ki Blast Cannon (If you're good with endless combos)

Super 2: Riot Javelin

Super 3: Orin Combo (Anything good with a combo)

Super 4: Afterimage/Instant Transmission

Ultimate 1: Super Saiyan

Ultimate 2: Whatever you want

Evasive: Angry Shout

Description: This build utilizes pretty much every benefit a Saiyan (Male or Female) can give you. Beerus Clothes boosts Basic Attack, Strike Supers, and Ki Blast Supers while it lowers HP and Ki. As a Saiyan, you'll have lower HP, but you are much stronger the lower your HP is. Combine that with Now... I'm Furious and Riot Javelin and you will dominate in close battles. Additionally, this build is called "Universal" because you can adjust this to your playing style pretty easily whether you spam or play melee.