Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki

Unlock your hidden powers!

  • Usable by: All races
  • Ki used: 300 (DBX), 500 (DBX2)
  • Obtained from: Training with Elder Kai
  • Minimum Level Requirement: 93


This transformation gives the following bonuses:

  • +~9% Basic Attack/Strike Super Attack/Super Ki Blast
  • +~5% Speed
  • +~5% Defense

Also, these bonuses apply on top of other bonuses, allowing for large potential buffs.

Being in this transformation will drain your ki slower than Super Saiyan/Vegeta,It does not give you Unlimited Ki like the Super Saiyan/Vegeta Transformations for Saiyans, and you can still recover Ki by all methods.

Earthlings are capable to remain in the state indefinitely so long as they do not lose ki via skills (Drain Charge/Hyper Drain) or passive effects (z souls/You're not 17!) due to their natural ki regeneration, though the value gained is slowed from the draining effect of the transformation.

This transformation grants a one-time permanent level boost from 93-95. This means level 94 can be skipped entirely.


The Great Ape Festival and Return of the Great Ape Fest! appear to be bugged, as transformations will greatly reduce damage done to the Saiyans' stamina gauge for its duration. Whether this is actually a bug or actually intended (to counter the use of these skills for those missions) is unknown. Melee attacks seem to be more effective on the stamina gauge