Dragon Ball XenoVerse Wiki


  • Health: 100
  • Ki: 0
  • Stamina: 75
  • Basic Attack: 0
  • Strike Super:60
  • Ki Super: 65


  • Body: Goku's Yardrat Clothes
  • Legs: Goku's Yardrat Clothes
  • Hands: Goku's Yardrat Clothes
  • Feet: Goku's Yardrat Clothes
  • Accessory: None (or whatever you want)
  • Z-Soul: Guess we should fuse into Vegito...

Skill Set[]


Just some weird Namekian to use supers with. Also makes use of mach dash + potential unlock with Vegito Z soul. Saturday Crash thrown in for utility. Any height will work, and medium weight is recommended. As for which ultimate to pick, just use the one you find better.