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Yamcha is a main protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and in the anime Dragon Ball, and later a supporting protagonist in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, with a few appearances in Dragon Ball GT. He is a former boyfriend of Bulma and the lifelong best friend of Puar.


Playable character[]

Yamcha is one of the playable characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. He has 3 presets which differs his appearance, stats and skills.

1st preset:[]

Unlock condition Stats Skills Appearance


- (at start of the fight) You better not underestimate us earthlings...!

- (at start of the fight) Get out of my sight before I force you to.

- (at start of the fight) Now, come at me! I'll take you on!

- (at start of the fight) I'll show you my Wolf Fang Fist!

- (at start of the fight) Are you ready?

- (when looses hp) Tch... A lot better than I thought...!

- (when looses hp) Not bad...but, the real battle has just begun!

- (when looses hp) You're not bad...!

- (when looses hp) I'm not done yet! I can still fight!

- (when looses hp) D-Damn it...! I can't keep up in this battle...?!

- (when dies) What the hell...?

- (when dies) Damn it... I'm no match here...

(when fighting with Goku)

Yamcha: Hey, Goku. It's been a while since we last fought.

Goku: I got a full belly and tons of power. Just like the good old days, right Yamcha?

(when fighting with Gohan (Kid))

Yamcha: Oh it's Goku's son. All right. Let's spar a little.

Gohan (Kid): Sure! That would be great!

(when fighting with Piccolo)

Yamcha: Piccolo... There's no way I can fight him head on.

Piccolo: No matter what plan you make, you can't win.